The films of Tim Langford : writer/director and Creative Director.



Richard III - An Arab VIP : In the Arab world, theatre is political and politics is theatre.

In the Arab world, theatre is political and politics is theatre…

At the dawn of the Arab Spring, a documentary film I co-directed with Kuwaiti Shakir Abal, was finally released. In a region where political fact and fantasy are too often indistinguishable from one another, Richard III “An Arab VIP” displays the Arab world of today in a new and engaging light; a world in which theatre is political and politics is, more of often than not, pure theatre.

In 2014 it was given a wonderful reception at a special screening at London’s BFI having been shown by the BBC in 2013.

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The films of Tim Langford : writer/director and Creative Director.

100 Million Man Hours from Tim Langford on Vimeo.

Produced via Resolution Productions; Director; RasGas Qatar ‘100 Million’ Man hours safety film shot at the Barzan site. To celebrate landmark event at the company. ‘Parachuted’ in at the last minute to the giant Ras Laffan industrial city in the desert - with little prep time and 2 days to shoot.

Mary Stevens Hospice Charity Film from Tim Langford on Vimeo.

I lost my Mother this year and towards the end of her life she spent 13 days receiving respite care at Mary Stevens Hospice, Stourbridge, in the West Midlands. They are a charity who need to raise £1.8 million a year from donations in order to offer the care that they do for people like my Mum. This short film is part of a longer-term commitment I made to make a film about the work of the Hospice so as to aid their future fundraising strategy. It’s a simple film - self-shot and edited with a few captions designed to lead to a call to action.

The Secret of My Success from Tim Langford on Vimeo.

Writer and director of a short recruitment film for Rasgas in Qatar aimed at young locals; produced through Resolution Productions locally. The client brief asked for a film that would bring to life and give visual expression to the secret that lay behind their success in the organisation. This is the temporary ungraded and unmixed version.

Nat Geo Appeal from Tim Langford on Vimeo.

This film won an IVCA Best script award a couple of years ago. Brief clip from the 5 minute film commissioned by National Geographic to pitch a new concept to the likes of BT. Concept, writer, director and producer.

Nokia ‘Gig’ from Tim Langford on Vimeo.

Director of this short internal comms film for Nokia produced via Jack Morton. The trick was to create something that felt real as the brief required a real Nokia employee making a film about their passion via their Nokia handset. The producer and I found a real band whose lead singer agreed to ‘play’ the Nokia employee…